AnimationBehavior enum Null safety

Configures how an AnimationController behaves when animations are disabled.

When AccessibilityFeatures.disableAnimations is true, the device is asking Flutter to reduce or disable animations as much as possible. To honor this, we reduce the duration and the corresponding number of frames for animations. This enum is used to allow certain AnimationControllers to opt out of this behavior.

For example, the AnimationController which controls the physics simulation for a scrollable list will have AnimationBehavior.preserve, so that when a user attempts to scroll it does not jump to the end/beginning too quickly.


normal → const AnimationBehavior

The AnimationController will reduce its duration when AccessibilityFeatures.disableAnimations is true.

const AnimationBehavior(0)
preserve → const AnimationBehavior

The AnimationController will preserve its behavior.

This is the default for repeating animations in order to prevent them from flashing rapidly on the screen if the widget does not take the AccessibilityFeatures.disableAnimations flag into account.

const AnimationBehavior(1)
values → const List<AnimationBehavior>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<AnimationBehavior>


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