value property

  1. @override
double value

The current value of the animation.

Setting this value notifies all the listeners that the value changed.

Setting this value also stops the controller if it is currently running; if this happens, it also notifies all the status listeners.


double get value => _value;
void value=(double newValue)

Stops the animation controller and sets the current value of the animation.

The new value is clamped to the range set by lowerBound and upperBound.

Value listeners are notified even if this does not change the value. Status listeners are notified if the animation was previously playing.

The most recently returned TickerFuture, if any, is marked as having been canceled, meaning the future never completes and its TickerFuture.orCancel derivative future completes with a TickerCanceled error.

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set value(double newValue) {