easeInOutCubicEmphasized constant

ThreePointCubic const easeInOutCubicEmphasized

A cubic animation curve that starts slowly, speeds up shortly thereafter, and then ends slowly. This curve can be imagined as a steeper version of easeInOutCubic.

The result is a more emphasized eased curve when choosing a curve for a widget whose initial and final positions are both within the viewport.

Compared to Curves.easeInOutCubic, this curve is slightly steeper.


static const ThreePointCubic easeInOutCubicEmphasized = ThreePointCubic(
    Offset(0.05, 0), Offset(0.133333, 0.06),
    Offset(0.166666, 0.4),
    Offset(0.208333, 0.82), Offset(0.25, 1),