fastEaseInToSlowEaseOut constant

ThreePointCubic const fastEaseInToSlowEaseOut

A curve that starts slowly, speeds up very quickly, and then ends slowly.

This curve is used by default to animate page transitions used by CupertinoPageRoute.

It has been derived from plots of native iOS 16.3 animation frames on iPhone 14 Pro Max. Specifically, transition animation positions were measured every frame and plotted against time. Then, a cubic curve was strictly fit to the measured data points.


static const ThreePointCubic fastEaseInToSlowEaseOut = ThreePointCubic(
  Offset(0.056, 0.024),
  Offset(0.108, 0.3085),
  Offset(0.198, 0.541),
  Offset(0.3655, 1.0),
  Offset(0.5465, 0.989),