CupertinoColors class

A palette of Color constants that describe colors commonly used when matching the iOS platform aesthetics.


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activeBlue → const Color
iOS 10's default blue color. Used to indicate active elements such as buttons, selected tabs and your own chat bubbles. [...]
const Color(4278221567)
activeGreen → const Color
iOS 10's default green color. Used to indicate active accents such as the switch in its on state and some accent buttons such as the call button and Apple Map's 'Go' button. [...]
const Color(4283226468)
activeOrange → const Color
iOS 12's default dark mode color. Used in place of the activeBlue color as the default active elements' color when the theme's brightness is dark. [...]
const Color(4294939904)
black → const Color
Opaque black color. Used for texts against light backgrounds. [...]
const Color(4278190080)
darkBackgroundGray → const Color
Used in iOS 12 for very dark background fills in tables between cell groups in dark mode.
const Color(4279703319)
destructiveRed → const Color
Used for iOS 10 for destructive actions such as the delete actions in table view cells and dialogs. [...]
const Color(4294916912)
extraLightBackgroundGray → const Color
Used in iOS 12 for very light background fills in tables between cell groups. [...]
const Color(4293914612)
inactiveGray → const Color
Used in iOS 11 for unselected selectables such as tab bar items in their inactive state or de-emphasized subtitles and details text. [...]
const Color(4287532691)
lightBackgroundGray → const Color
Used in iOS 10 for light background fills such as the chat bubble background. [...]
const Color(4293256682)
white → const Color
Opaque white color. Used for backgrounds and fonts against dark backgrounds. [...]
const Color(4294967295)