CupertinoPickerDefaultSelectionOverlay constructor

const CupertinoPickerDefaultSelectionOverlay(
  1. {Key? key,
  2. Color background = CupertinoColors.tertiarySystemFill,
  3. bool capStartEdge = true,
  4. bool capEndEdge = true}

Creates an iOS 14 style selection overlay that highlights the magnified area (or the currently selected item, depending on how you described it elsewhere) of a CupertinoPicker.

The background argument default value is CupertinoColors.tertiarySystemFill.

The capStartEdge and capEndEdge arguments decide whether to add a default margin and use rounded corners on the left and right side of the rectangular overlay, and they both default to true.


const CupertinoPickerDefaultSelectionOverlay({
  this.background = CupertinoColors.tertiarySystemFill,
  this.capStartEdge = true,
  this.capEndEdge = true,