CupertinoSlider constructor

const CupertinoSlider({Key key, @required double value, @required ValueChanged<double> onChanged, ValueChanged<double> onChangeStart, ValueChanged<double> onChangeEnd, double min: 0.0, double max: 1.0, int divisions, Color activeColor Color thumbColor: CupertinoColors.white })

Creates an iOS-style slider.

The slider itself does not maintain any state. Instead, when the state of the slider changes, the widget calls the onChanged callback. Most widgets that use a slider will listen for the onChanged callback and rebuild the slider with a new value to update the visual appearance of the slider.

  • value determines currently selected value for this slider.
  • onChanged is called when the user selects a new value for the slider.
  • onChangeStart is called when the user starts to select a new value for the slider.
  • onChangeEnd is called when the user is done selecting a new value for the slider.


const CupertinoSlider({
  Key key,
  @required this.value,
  @required this.onChanged,
  this.min = 0.0,
  this.max = 1.0,
  this.thumbColor = CupertinoColors.white,
}) : assert(value != null),
     assert(min != null),
     assert(max != null),
     assert(value >= min && value <= max),
     assert(divisions == null || divisions > 0),
     assert(thumbColor != null),
     super(key: key);