magnifierConfiguration property

TextMagnifierConfiguration? magnifierConfiguration

A configuration object for a magnifier.

This magnifying glass is useful for scenarios on mobile devices where the user's finger may be covering part of the screen where a granular action is being performed, such as navigating a small cursor with a drag gesture, on an image or text.

In general, most features of the magnifier can be configured through MagnifierBuilder. TextMagnifierConfiguration is used to configure the magnifier's behavior through the SelectionOverlay.

By default, builds a CupertinoTextMagnifier on iOS and Android nothing on all other platforms. If it is desired to suppress the magnifier, consider passing TextMagnifierConfiguration.disabled.

This sample demonstrates how to customize the magnifier that this text field uses.

To create a local project with this code sample, run:
flutter create --sample=cupertino.CupertinoTextField.magnifierConfiguration.1 mysample


final TextMagnifierConfiguration? magnifierConfiguration;