Blob constructor

  1. List blobParts,
  2. [String? type,
  3. String? endings]


factory Blob(List blobParts, [String? type, String? endings]) {
  // TODO: validate that blobParts is a JS Array and convert if not.
  // TODO: any coercions on the elements of blobParts, e.g. coerce a typed
  // array to ArrayBuffer if it is a total view.
  if (type == null && endings == null) {
    return _create_1(blobParts);
  var bag = _create_bag();
  if (type != null) _bag_set(bag, 'type', type);
  if (endings != null) _bag_set(bag, 'endings', endings);
  return _create_2(blobParts, bag);