BytesBuilder constructor

  1. {bool copy = true}

Construct a new empty BytesBuilder.

If copy is true (the default), the created builder is a copying builder. A copying builder maintains its own internal buffer and copies the bytes added to it eagerly.

If copy set to false, the created builder assumes that lists added to it will not change. Any Uint8List added using add is kept until toBytes or takeBytes is called, and only then are their contents copied. A non-Uint8List may be copied eagerly. If only a single Uint8List is added to the builder, that list is returned by toBytes or takeBytes directly, without any copying. A list added to a non-copying builder should not change its content after being added, and it must not change its length after being added. (Normal Uint8Lists are fixed length lists, but growing lists implementing Uint8List exist.)


factory BytesBuilder({bool copy = true}) =>
    copy ? _CopyingBytesBuilder() : _BytesBuilder();