Color constructor

const Color(
  1. int value

Construct a color from the lower 32 bits of an int.

The bits are interpreted as follows:

  • Bits 24-31 are the alpha value.
  • Bits 16-23 are the red value.
  • Bits 8-15 are the green value.
  • Bits 0-7 are the blue value.

In other words, if AA is the alpha value in hex, RR the red value in hex, GG the green value in hex, and BB the blue value in hex, a color can be expressed as const Color(0xAARRGGBB).

For example, to get a fully opaque orange, you would use const Color(0xFFFF9000) (FF for the alpha, FF for the red, 90 for the green, and 00 for the blue).


const Color(int value) : value = value & 0xFFFFFFFF;