DisplayFeatureState enum Null safety

State of the display feature, which contains information about the posture for foldable features.

The posture is the shape made by the parts of the flexible screen or physical screen panels. They are inspired by and similar to Android Postures.


postureFlat → const DisplayFeatureState

The foldable device is completely open.

The screen space that is presented to the user is flat.

const DisplayFeatureState(1)
postureHalfOpened → const DisplayFeatureState

Fold angle is in an intermediate position between opened and closed state.

There is a non-flat angle between parts of the flexible screen or between physical screen panels such that the screens start to face each other.

const DisplayFeatureState(2)
unknown → const DisplayFeatureState

The display feature is a DisplayFeatureType.cutout or this state is new and not yet known to Flutter.

const DisplayFeatureState(0)
values → const List<DisplayFeatureState>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<DisplayFeatureState>


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