DisplayFeatureType enum Null safety

Type of DisplayFeature, describing the DisplayFeature behaviour and if it obstructs the display.

Some types of DisplayFeature, like DisplayFeatureType.fold, can be reported without actually impeding drawing on the screen. They are useful for knowing where the display is bent or has a crease. The DisplayFeature.bounds can be 0-width in such cases.

The shape formed by the screens for types DisplayFeatureType.fold and DisplayFeatureType.hinge is called the posture and is exposed in DisplayFeature.state. For example, the DisplayFeatureState.postureFlat posture means the screens form a flat surface, while DisplayFeatureState.postureFlipped posture means the screens are facing opposite directions.

Device with a hinge display feature

Device with a fold display feature

Device with a cutout display feature





unknown → const DisplayFeatureType

DisplayFeature type is new and not yet known to Flutter.

const DisplayFeatureType(0)
fold → const DisplayFeatureType

A fold in the flexible screen without a physical gap.

The bounds for this display feature type indicate where the display makes a crease.

const DisplayFeatureType(1)
hinge → const DisplayFeatureType

A physical separation with a hinge that allows two display panels to fold.

const DisplayFeatureType(2)
cutout → const DisplayFeatureType

A non-displaying area of the screen, usually housing cameras or sensors.

const DisplayFeatureType(3)


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operator ==(Object other) bool
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values → const List<DisplayFeatureType>
A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.
[unknown, fold, hinge, cutout]