physicalConstraints property

ViewConstraints physicalConstraints

The sizing constraints in physical pixels for this view.

The view can take on any Size that fulfills these constraints. These constraints are typically used by an UI framework as the input for its layout algorithm to determine an approrpiate size for the view. To size the view, the selected size must be provided to the render method and it must satisfy the constraints.

When this changes, PlatformDispatcher.onMetricsChanged is called.

At startup, the constraints for the view may not be known before Dart code runs. If this value is observed early in the application lifecycle, it may report constraints with all dimensions set to zero.

This value does not take into account any on-screen keyboards or other system UI. If the constraints are tight, the padding and viewInsets properties provide information about how much of each side of the view may be obscured by system UI. If the constraints are loose, this information is not known upfront.

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// TODO(goderbauer): Wire this up so embedders can configure it. This will
//   also require to message the size provided to the render call back to the
//   embedder.
ViewConstraints get physicalConstraints => ViewConstraints.tight(physicalSize);