ImageByteFormat enum Null safety

The format in which image bytes should be returned when using Image.toByteData.





rawRgba → const ImageByteFormat

Raw RGBA format.

Unencoded bytes, in RGBA row-primary form with premultiplied alpha, 8 bits per channel.

const ImageByteFormat(0)
rawStraightRgba → const ImageByteFormat

Raw straight RGBA format.

Unencoded bytes, in RGBA row-primary form with straight alpha, 8 bits per channel.

const ImageByteFormat(1)
rawUnmodified → const ImageByteFormat

Raw unmodified format.

Unencoded bytes, in the image's existing format. For example, a grayscale image may use a single 8-bit channel for each pixel.

const ImageByteFormat(2)
png → const ImageByteFormat

PNG format.

A loss-less compression format for images. This format is well suited for images with hard edges, such as screenshots or sprites, and images with text. Transparency is supported. The PNG format supports images up to 2,147,483,647 pixels in either dimension, though in practice available memory provides a more immediate limitation on maximum image size.

PNG images normally use the .png file extension and the image/png MIME type.

See also:

const ImageByteFormat(3)


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values → const List<ImageByteFormat>
A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.
[rawRgba, rawStraightRgba, rawUnmodified, png]