ImageShader constructor

  1. Image image,
  2. TileMode tmx,
  3. TileMode tmy,
  4. Float64List matrix4

Creates an image-tiling shader. The first argument specifies the image to tile. The second and third arguments specify the TileMode for the x direction and y direction respectively. The fourth argument gives the matrix to apply to the effect. All the arguments are required and must not be null.


ImageShader(Image image, TileMode tmx, TileMode tmy, Float64List matrix4) :
  assert(image != null), // image is checked on the engine side
  assert(tmx != null),
  assert(tmy != null),
  assert(matrix4 != null),
  super._() {
  if (matrix4.length != 16)
    throw ArgumentError('"matrix4" must have 16 entries.');
  _initWithImage(image, tmx.index, tmy.index, matrix4);