strokeJoin property

StrokeJoin strokeJoin

The kind of finish to place on the joins between segments.

This applies to paths drawn when style is set to PaintingStyle.stroke, It does not apply to points drawn as lines with Canvas.drawPoints.

Defaults to StrokeJoin.miter, i.e. sharp corners.

Some examples of joins:

The centers of the line segments are colored in the diagrams above to highlight the joins, but in normal usage the join is the same color as the line.

See also:


StrokeJoin get strokeJoin {
  return StrokeJoin.values[_data.getInt32(_kStrokeJoinOffset, _kFakeHostEndian)];
void strokeJoin=(StrokeJoin value)


set strokeJoin(StrokeJoin value) {
  final int encoded = value.index;
  _data.setInt32(_kStrokeJoinOffset, encoded, _kFakeHostEndian);