computeLineMetrics method Null safety

List<LineMetrics> computeLineMetrics()

Returns the full list of LineMetrics that describe in detail the various metrics of each laid out line.

Not valid until after layout.

This can potentially return a large amount of data, so it is not recommended to repeatedly call this. Instead, cache the results.


List<LineMetrics> computeLineMetrics() {
  final Float64List encoded = _computeLineMetrics();
  final int count = encoded.length ~/ 9;
  int position = 0;
  final List<LineMetrics> metrics = <LineMetrics>[
    for (int index = 0; index < count; index += 1)
        hardBreak:      encoded[position++] != 0,
        ascent:         encoded[position++],
        descent:        encoded[position++],
        unscaledAscent: encoded[position++],
        height:         encoded[position++],
        width:          encoded[position++],
        left:           encoded[position++],
        baseline:       encoded[position++],
        lineNumber:     encoded[position++].toInt(),
  return metrics;