getBoxesForRange abstract method

List<TextBox> getBoxesForRange(
  1. int start,
  2. int end,
  3. {BoxHeightStyle boxHeightStyle = BoxHeightStyle.tight,
  4. BoxWidthStyle boxWidthStyle = BoxWidthStyle.tight}

Returns a list of text boxes that enclose the given text range.

The boxHeightStyle and boxWidthStyle parameters allow customization of how the boxes are bound vertically and horizontally. Both style parameters default to the tight option, which will provide close-fitting boxes and will not account for any line spacing.

Coordinates of the TextBox are relative to the upper-left corner of the paragraph, where positive y values indicate down.

The boxHeightStyle and boxWidthStyle parameters must not be null.

See BoxHeightStyle and BoxWidthStyle for full descriptions of each option.


List<TextBox> getBoxesForRange(int start, int end, {BoxHeightStyle boxHeightStyle = BoxHeightStyle.tight, BoxWidthStyle boxWidthStyle = BoxWidthStyle.tight});