extendWithPath method Null safety

void extendWithPath(
  1. Path path,
  2. Offset offset,
  3. {Float64List? matrix4}

Adds the sub-paths of path, offset by offset, to this path. The current sub-path is extended with the first sub-path of path, connecting them with a lineTo if necessary.

If matrix4 is specified, the path will be transformed by this matrix after the matrix is translated by the given offset. The matrix is a 4x4 matrix stored in column major order.


void extendWithPath(Path path, Offset offset, {Float64List? matrix4}) {
  assert(path != null); // path is checked on the engine side
  if (matrix4 != null) {
    _extendWithPathAndMatrix(path, offset.dx, offset.dy, matrix4);
  } else {
    _extendWithPath(path, offset.dx, offset.dy);