computePlatformResolvedLocale method

Locale? computePlatformResolvedLocale(
  1. List<Locale> supportedLocales

Performs the platform-native locale resolution.

Each platform may return different results.

If the platform fails to resolve a locale, then this will return null.

This method returns synchronously and is a direct call to platform specific APIs without invoking method channels.


Locale? computePlatformResolvedLocale(List<Locale> supportedLocales) {
  final List<String?> supportedLocalesData = <String?>[];
  for (final Locale locale in supportedLocales) {

  final List<String> result = _computePlatformResolvedLocale(supportedLocalesData);

  if (result.isNotEmpty) {
    return Locale.fromSubtags(
      languageCode: result[0],
      countryCode: result[1] == '' ? null : result[1],
      scriptCode: result[2] == '' ? null : result[2]);
  return null;