RRect.fromRectAndCorners constructor

  1. Rect rect,
  2. {Radius topLeft = Radius.zero,
  3. Radius topRight = Radius.zero,
  4. Radius bottomRight = Radius.zero,
  5. Radius bottomLeft = Radius.zero}

Construct a rounded rectangle from its bounding box and topLeft, topRight, bottomRight, and bottomLeft radii.

The corner radii default to Radius.zero, i.e. right-angled corners. Will assert in debug mode if any of the radii are negative in either x or y.


  Rect rect,
    Radius topLeft = Radius.zero,
    Radius topRight = Radius.zero,
    Radius bottomRight = Radius.zero,
    Radius bottomLeft = Radius.zero
) : this._raw(
      top: rect.top,
      left: rect.left,
      right: rect.right,
      bottom: rect.bottom,
      tlRadiusX: topLeft.x,
      tlRadiusY: topLeft.y,
      trRadiusX: topRight.x,
      trRadiusY: topRight.y,
      blRadiusX: bottomLeft.x,
      blRadiusY: bottomLeft.y,
      brRadiusX: bottomRight.x,
      brRadiusY: bottomRight.y,