RRect.fromRectXY constructor

  1. Rect rect,
  2. double radiusX,
  3. double radiusY

Construct a rounded rectangle from its bounding box and the same radii along its horizontal axis and its vertical axis.

Will assert in debug mode if radiusX or radiusY are negative.


RRect.fromRectXY(Rect rect, double radiusX, double radiusY)
  : this._raw(
      top: rect.top,
      left: rect.left,
      right: rect.right,
      bottom: rect.bottom,
      tlRadiusX: radiusX,
      tlRadiusY: radiusY,
      trRadiusX: radiusX,
      trRadiusY: radiusY,
      blRadiusX: radiusX,
      blRadiusY: radiusY,
      brRadiusX: radiusX,
      brRadiusY: radiusY,