inflate method

RRect inflate(
  1. double delta

Returns a new RRect with edges and radii moved outwards by the given delta.


RRect inflate(double delta) {
  return RRect._raw(
    left: left - delta,
    top: top - delta,
    right: right + delta,
    bottom: bottom + delta,
    tlRadiusX: math.max(0, tlRadiusX + delta),
    tlRadiusY: math.max(0, tlRadiusY + delta),
    trRadiusX: math.max(0, trRadiusX + delta),
    trRadiusY: math.max(0, trRadiusY + delta),
    blRadiusX: math.max(0, blRadiusX + delta),
    blRadiusY: math.max(0, blRadiusY + delta),
    brRadiusX: math.max(0, brRadiusX + delta),
    brRadiusY: math.max(0, brRadiusY + delta),