clampValues method

Radius clampValues(
  1. {double? minimumX,
  2. double? minimumY,
  3. double? maximumX,
  4. double? maximumY}

Returns this Radius, with values clamped to the given min and max values in each dimension

The minimumX and minimumY values default to -double.infinity, and the maximumX and maximumY values default to double.infinity.


Radius clampValues({
  double? minimumX,
  double? minimumY,
  double? maximumX,
  double? maximumY,
}) {
  return Radius.elliptical(
    clampDouble(x, minimumX ?? -double.infinity, maximumX ?? double.infinity),
    clampDouble(y, minimumY ?? -double.infinity, maximumY ?? double.infinity),