addPicture abstract method

void addPicture(
  1. Offset offset,
  2. Picture picture,
  3. {bool isComplexHint = false,
  4. bool willChangeHint = false}

Adds a Picture to the scene.

The picture is rasterized at the given offset.

The rendering may be cached to reduce the cost of painting the picture if it is reused in subsequent frames. Whether a picture is cached or not depends on the backend implementation. When caching is considered, the choice to cache or not cache is a heuristic based on how often the picture is being painted and the cost of painting the picture. To disable this caching, set willChangeHint to true. To force the caching to happen (in backends that do caching), set isComplexHint to true. When both are set, willChangeHint prevails.

In general, setting these hints is not very useful. Backends that cache pictures only do so for pictures that have been rendered three times already; setting willChangeHint to true to avoid caching an animating picture that changes every frame is therefore redundant, the picture wouldn't have been cached anyway. Similarly, backends that cache pictures are relatively aggressive about doing so, such that any image complicated enough to warrant caching is probably already being cached even without isComplexHint being set to true.


void addPicture(
  Offset offset,
  Picture picture, {
  bool isComplexHint = false,
  bool willChangeHint = false,