SceneHost constructor

SceneHost(dynamic viewHolderToken, void viewConnectedCallback(), void viewDisconnectedCallback(), void viewStateChangedCallback(bool))

Creates a host for a child scene's content.

The ViewHolder token is bound to a ViewHolder scene graph node which acts as a container for the child's content. The creator of the SceneHost is responsible for sending the corresponding ViewToken to the child.

The ViewHolder token is a dart:zircon Handle, but that type isn't available here. This is called by ChildViewConnection in //topaz/public/dart/fuchsia_scenic_flutter/.

The SceneHost takes ownership of the provided ViewHolder token.


    dynamic viewHolderToken,
    void Function() viewConnectedCallback,
    void Function() viewDisconnectedCallback,
    void Function(bool) viewStateChangedCallback) {
  _constructor(viewHolderToken, viewConnectedCallback, viewDisconnectedCallback, viewStateChangedCallback);