updateCustomAction method Null safety

void updateCustomAction(
  1. {required int id,
  2. String? label,
  3. String? hint,
  4. int overrideId = -1}

Update the custom semantics action associated with the given id.

The name of the action exposed to the user is the label. For overridden standard actions this value is ignored.

The hint should describe what happens when an action occurs, not the manner in which a tap is accomplished. For example, use "delete" instead of "double tap to delete".

The text direction of the hint and label is the same as the global window.

For overridden standard actions, overrideId corresponds with a SemanticsAction.index value. For custom actions this argument should not be provided.


void updateCustomAction({required int id, String? label, String? hint, int overrideId = -1}) {
  assert(id != null);
  assert(overrideId != null);
  _updateCustomAction(id, label ?? '', hint ?? '', overrideId);