updateSemantics method Null safety

void updateSemantics(
  1. SemanticsUpdate update

Change the retained semantics data about this window.

Calling this function forwards the call to the same function on the PlatformDispatcher singleton, so instead of calling it here, you should consider calling it on WidgetsBinding.instance.platformDispatcher instead (or, when WidgetsBinding isn't available, on PlatformDispatcher.instance). The reason this function forwards to the PlatformDispatcher is to provide convenience for applications that only use a single main window.

If semanticsEnabled is true, the user has requested that this function be called whenever the semantic content of this window changes.

In either case, this function disposes the given update, which means the semantics update cannot be used further.


void updateSemantics(SemanticsUpdate update) => platformDispatcher.updateSemantics(update);