enterText method

Future<void> enterText(
  1. String text,
  2. {Duration? timeout}

Enters text into the currently focused text input, such as the EditableText widget.

This method does not use the operating system keyboard to enter text. Instead it emulates text entry by sending events identical to those sent by the operating system keyboard (the "TextInputClient.updateEditingState" method channel call).

Generally the behavior is dependent on the implementation of the widget receiving the input. Usually, editable widgets, such as EditableText and those built on top of it would replace the currently entered text with the provided text.

It is assumed that the widget receiving text input is focused prior to calling this method. Typically, a test would activate a widget, e.g. using tap, then call this method.

For this method to work, text emulation must be enabled (see setTextEntryEmulation). Text emulation is enabled by default.


test('enters text in a text field', () async {
  final SerializableFinder textField = find.byValueKey('enter-text-field');
  await driver.tap(textField);  // acquire focus
  await driver.enterText('Hello!');  // enter text
  await driver.waitFor(find.text('Hello!'));  // verify text appears on UI
  await driver.enterText('World!');  // enter another piece of text
  await driver.waitFor(find.text('World!'));  // verify new text appears


Future<void> enterText(String text, { Duration? timeout }) async {
  await sendCommand(EnterText(text, timeout: timeout));