setTextEntryEmulation method

Future<void> setTextEntryEmulation(
  1. {required bool enabled,
  2. Duration? timeout}

Configures text entry emulation.

If enabled is true, enables text entry emulation via enterText. If enabled is false, disables it. By default text entry emulation is enabled.

When disabled, enterText will fail with a DriverError. When an EditableText is focused, the operating system's configured keyboard method is invoked, such as an on-screen keyboard on a phone or a tablet.

When enabled, the operating system's configured keyboard will not be invoked when the widget is focused, as the SystemChannels.textInput channel will be mocked out.


Future<void> setTextEntryEmulation({ required bool enabled, Duration? timeout }) async {
  await sendCommand(SetTextEntryEmulation(enabled, timeout: timeout));