traceAction method

Future<Timeline> traceAction(
  1. Future action(
    1. {List<TimelineStream> streams = const <TimelineStream>[TimelineStream.all],
    2. bool retainPriorEvents = false}

    Runs action and outputs a performance trace for it.

    Waits for the Future returned by action to complete prior to stopping the trace.

    This is merely a convenience wrapper on top of startTracing and stopTracingAndDownloadTimeline.

    streams limits the recorded timeline event streams to only the ones listed. By default, all streams are recorded.

    If retainPriorEvents is true, retains events recorded prior to calling action. Otherwise, prior events are cleared before calling action. By default, prior events are cleared.

    If this is run in debug mode, a warning message will be printed to suggest running the benchmark in profile mode instead.

    For WebFlutterDriver, this is only supported for Chrome.


    Future<Timeline> traceAction(
      Future<dynamic> Function() action, {
      List<TimelineStream> streams = const <TimelineStream>[TimelineStream.all],
      bool retainPriorEvents = false,
    }) async {
      throw UnimplementedError();