getVmFlags method

  1. @override
Future<List<Map<String, dynamic>>> getVmFlags()

Returns the Flags set in the Dart VM as JSON.

See the complete documentation for the getFlagList Dart VM service method.

Example return value:

    "name": "timeline_recorder",
    "comment": "Select the timeline recorder used. Valid values: ring, endless, startup, and systrace.",
    "modified": false,
    "_flagType": "String",
    "valueAsString": "ring"

Throws UnimplementedError on WebFlutterDriver instances.


Future<List<Map<String, dynamic>>> getVmFlags() async {
  final vms.FlagList result = await _serviceClient.getFlagList();
  return result.flags != null
      ? result.flags!.map((vms.Flag flag) => flag.toJson()).toList()
      : const <Map<String, dynamic>>[];