datePickerDayOfMonth method

  1. @override
String datePickerDayOfMonth(
  1. int dayIndex,
  2. [int? weekDay]

Day of month that is shown in CupertinoDatePicker spinner corresponding to the given day index.

If weekDay is provided then it will also show weekday name alongside the numerical day.

Examples: datePickerDayOfMonth(1) in:

  • US English: 1

  • Korean: 1일 Examples: datePickerDayOfMonth(1, 1) in:

  • US English: Mon 1


String datePickerDayOfMonth(int dayIndex, [int? weekDay]) {
   if (weekDay != null) {
    return ' ${DefaultCupertinoLocalizations.shortWeekdays[weekDay - DateTime.monday]} $dayIndex ';
  // Year and month doesn't matter since we just want to day formatted.
  return _dayFormat.format(DateTime.utc(0, 0, dayIndex));