delegates constant Null safety

List<LocalizationsDelegate> const delegates

A value for CupertinoApp.localizationsDelegates that's typically used by internationalized apps.

Sample code

To include the localizations provided by this class and by GlobalWidgetsLocalizations in a CupertinoApp, use GlobalCupertinoLocalizations.delegates as the value of CupertinoApp.localizationsDelegates, and specify the locales your app supports with CupertinoApp.supportedLocales:

new CupertinoApp(
  localizationsDelegates: GlobalCupertinoLocalizations.delegates,
  supportedLocales: [
    const Locale('en', 'US'), // English
    const Locale('he', 'IL'), // Hebrew
  // ...


static const List<LocalizationsDelegate<dynamic>> delegates = <LocalizationsDelegate<dynamic>>[