EnginePhase enum Null safety

Phases that can be reached by WidgetTester.pumpWidget and TestWidgetsFlutterBinding.pump.

See WidgetsBinding.drawFrame for a more detailed description of some of these phases.


build → const EnginePhase

The build phase in the widgets library. See BuildOwner.buildScope.

const EnginePhase(0)
composite → const EnginePhase

The compositing phase in the rendering library. See RenderView.compositeFrame. This is the phase in which data is sent to the GPU. If semantics are not enabled, then this is the last phase.

const EnginePhase(4)
compositingBits → const EnginePhase

The compositing bits update phase in the rendering library. See PipelineOwner.flushCompositingBits.

const EnginePhase(2)
flushSemantics → const EnginePhase

The semantics building phase in the rendering library. See PipelineOwner.flushSemantics.

const EnginePhase(5)
layout → const EnginePhase

The layout phase in the rendering library. See PipelineOwner.flushLayout.

const EnginePhase(1)
paint → const EnginePhase

The paint phase in the rendering library. See PipelineOwner.flushPaint.

const EnginePhase(3)
sendSemanticsUpdate → const EnginePhase

The final phase in the rendering library, wherein semantics information is sent to the embedder. See SemanticsOwner.sendSemanticsUpdate.

const EnginePhase(6)
values → const List<EnginePhase>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<EnginePhase>


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