systemFontFamily property

  1. @override
String? systemFontFamily

The system font family to use for this test.

Defaults to the value provided by PlatformDispatcher.systemFontFamily. This can only be set in a test environment to emulate different platform configurations. A standard PlatformDispatcher is not mutable from the framework.

Setting this value to null will force systemFontFamily to return null. If you want to have the value default to the platform systemFontFamily, use resetSystemFontFamily.

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String? get systemFontFamily {
  return _forceSystemFontFamilyToBeNull
    ? null
    : _systemFontFamily ?? _platformDispatcher.systemFontFamily;
void systemFontFamily=(String? value)


set systemFontFamily(String? value) {
  _systemFontFamily = value;
  if (value == null) {
    _forceSystemFontFamilyToBeNull = true;