dispatchEvent method

  1. @override
void dispatchEvent (
  1. PointerEvent event,
  2. HitTestResult hitTestResult,
  3. {TestBindingEventSource source: TestBindingEventSource.device}

Dispatch an event to a hit test result's path.

This sends the given event to every HitTestTarget in the entries of the given HitTestResult, and catches exceptions that any of the handlers might throw. The hitTestResult argument may only be null for PointerHoverEvent, PointerAddedEvent, or PointerRemovedEvent events.


void dispatchEvent(
  PointerEvent event,
  HitTestResult hitTestResult, {
  TestBindingEventSource source = TestBindingEventSource.device,
}) {
  assert(source == TestBindingEventSource.test);
  super.dispatchEvent(event, hitTestResult);