createGesture method Null safety

Future<TestGesture> createGesture(
  1. {int? pointer,
  2. PointerDeviceKind kind = PointerDeviceKind.touch,
  3. int buttons = kPrimaryButton}

Creates gesture and returns the TestGesture object which you can use to continue the gesture using calls on the TestGesture object.

You can use startGesture instead if your gesture begins with a down event.


Future<TestGesture> createGesture({
  int? pointer,
  PointerDeviceKind kind = PointerDeviceKind.touch,
  int buttons = kPrimaryButton,
}) async {
  return TestGesture(
    dispatcher: sendEventToBinding,
    kind: kind,
    pointer: pointer ?? _getNextPointer(),
    buttons: buttons,