sendKeyUpEvent method

Future<bool> sendKeyUpEvent(
  1. LogicalKeyboardKey key,
  2. {String? platform,
  3. PhysicalKeyboardKey? physicalKey}

Simulates sending a physical key up event through the system channel.

This only simulates key up events coming from a physical keyboard, not from a soft keyboard.

Specify platform as one of the platforms allowed in platform.Platform.operatingSystem to make the event appear to be from that type of system. If not specified, defaults to "web" on web, and the operating system name based on defaultTargetPlatform everywhere else.

Specify the physicalKey for the event to override what is included in the simulated event. If not specified, it uses a default from the US keyboard layout for the corresponding logical key.

Returns true if the key event was handled by the framework.

See also:


Future<bool> sendKeyUpEvent(
    LogicalKeyboardKey key, {
      String? platform,
      PhysicalKeyboardKey? physicalKey
    }) async {
  // Internally wrapped in async guard.
  return simulateKeyUpEvent(key, platform: platform, physicalKey: physicalKey);