startGesture method

Future<TestGesture> startGesture(
  1. Offset downLocation,
  2. {int? pointer,
  3. PointerDeviceKind kind = PointerDeviceKind.touch,
  4. int buttons = kPrimaryButton}

Creates a gesture with an initial appropriate starting gesture at a particular point, and returns the TestGesture object which you can use to continue the gesture. Usually, the starting gesture will be a down event, but if kind is set to PointerDeviceKind.trackpad, the gesture will start with a panZoomStart gesture.

You can use createGesture if your gesture doesn't begin with an initial down or panZoomStart gesture.

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Future<TestGesture> startGesture(
  Offset downLocation, {
  int? pointer,
  PointerDeviceKind kind = PointerDeviceKind.touch,
  int buttons = kPrimaryButton,
}) async {
  final TestGesture result = _createGesture(pointer: pointer, kind: kind, buttons: buttons);
  if (kind == PointerDeviceKind.trackpad) {
    await result.panZoomStart(downLocation);
  } else {
    await result.down(downLocation);
  return result;