enterText method

Future<void> enterText(
  1. FinderBase<Element> finder,
  2. String text

Give the text input widget specified by finder the focus and replace its content with text, as if it had been provided by the onscreen keyboard.

The widget specified by finder must be an EditableText or have an EditableText descendant. For example find.byType(TextField) or find.byType(TextFormField), or find.byType(EditableText).

When the returned future completes, the text input widget's text will be exactly text, and the caret will be placed at the end of text.

To just give finder the focus without entering any text, see showKeyboard.

To enter text into other widgets (e.g. a custom widget that maintains a TextInputConnection the way that a EditableText does), first ensure that that widget has an open connection (e.g. by using tap to focus it), then call testTextInput.enterText directly (see TestTextInput.enterText).


Future<void> enterText(FinderBase<Element> finder, String text) async {
  return TestAsyncUtils.guard<void>(() async {
    await showKeyboard(finder);
    await idle();