hasAGoodToStringDeep top-level constant

Matcher const hasAGoodToStringDeep

Asserts that an object's toStringDeep() is a plausible multiline description.

Specifically, this matcher checks that an object's toStringDeep(prefixLineOne, prefixOtherLines):

  • Does not have leading or trailing whitespace.
  • Does not contain the default Instance of ... string.
  • The last line has characters other than tree connector characters and whitespace. For example: the line │ ║ ╎ has only tree connector characters and whitespace.
  • Does not contain lines with trailing white space.
  • Has multiple lines.
  • The first line starts with prefixLineOne
  • All subsequent lines start with prefixOtherLines.


const Matcher hasAGoodToStringDeep = _HasGoodToStringDeep();