reportExpectCall function

int reportExpectCall(
  1. StackTrace stack,
  2. List<DiagnosticsNode> information

Report call site for expect() call. Returns the number of frames that should be elided if a stack were to be modified to hide the expect call, or zero if no such call was found.

If the head of the stack trace consists of a failure as a result of calling the test_widgets expect function, this will fill the given FlutterErrorBuilder with the precise file and line number that called that function.


int reportExpectCall(StackTrace stack, List<DiagnosticsNode> information) {
  final RegExp line0 = RegExp(r'^#0 +fail \(.+\)$');
  final RegExp line1 = RegExp(r'^#1 +_expect \(.+\)$');
  final RegExp line2 = RegExp(r'^#2 +expect \(.+\)$');
  final RegExp line3 = RegExp(r'^#3 +expect \(.+\)$');
  final RegExp line4 = RegExp(r'^#4 +[^(]+ \((.+?):([0-9]+)(?::[0-9]+)?\)$');
  final List<String> stackLines = stack.toString().split('\n');
  if (line0.firstMatch(stackLines[0]) != null &&
      line1.firstMatch(stackLines[1]) != null &&
      line2.firstMatch(stackLines[2]) != null &&
      line3.firstMatch(stackLines[3]) != null) {
    final Match expectMatch = line4.firstMatch(stackLines[4])!;
    assert(expectMatch.groupCount == 2);
      'This was caught by the test expectation on the following line',
      frame: '${} line ${}',

    return 4;
  return 0;