debugBindingType static method

Type? debugBindingType()

In debug builds, the type of the current binding, if any, or else null.

This may be useful in asserts to verify that the binding has not been initialized before the point in the application code that wants to initialize the binding, or to verify that the binding is the one that is expected.

For example, if an application uses Zones to report uncaught exceptions, it may need to ensure that ensureInitialized() has not yet been invoked on any binding at the point where it configures the zone and initializes the binding.

If this returns null, the binding has not been initialized.

If this returns a non-null value, it returns the type of the binding instance.

To obtain the binding itself, consider the instance getter on the BindingBase subclass or mixin.

This method only returns a useful value in debug builds. In release builds, the return value is always null; to improve startup performance, the type of the binding is not tracked in release builds.

See also:

  • BindingBase, whose class documentation describes the conventions for dealing with bindings.
  • initInstances, whose documentation details how to create a binding mixin.


static Type? debugBindingType() {
  return _debugInitializedType;