reassembleApplication method

Future<void> reassembleApplication()

Cause the entire application to redraw, e.g. after a hot reload.

This is used by development tools when the application code has changed, to cause the application to pick up any changed code. It can be triggered manually by sending the ext.flutter.reassemble service extension signal.

This method is very computationally expensive and should not be used in production code. There is never a valid reason to cause the entire application to repaint in production. All aspects of the Flutter framework know how to redraw when necessary. It is only necessary in development when the code is literally changed on the fly (e.g. in hot reload) or when debug flags are being toggled.

While this method runs, events are locked (e.g. pointer events are not dispatched).

Subclasses (binding classes) should override performReassemble to react to this method being called. This method itself should not be overridden.


Future<void> reassembleApplication() {
  return lockEvents(performReassemble);