DiagnosticsNode.message constructor

  1. String message,
  2. {DiagnosticsTreeStyle style = DiagnosticsTreeStyle.singleLine,
  3. DiagnosticLevel level = DiagnosticLevel.info,
  4. bool allowWrap = true}

Diagnostics containing just a string message and not a concrete name or value.

See also:

  • MessageProperty, which is better suited to messages that are to be formatted like a property with a separate name and message.


factory DiagnosticsNode.message(
  String message, {
  DiagnosticsTreeStyle style = DiagnosticsTreeStyle.singleLine,
  DiagnosticLevel level = DiagnosticLevel.info,
  bool allowWrap = true,
}) {
  return DiagnosticsProperty<void>(
    description: message,
    style: style,
    showName: false,
    allowWrap: allowWrap,
    level: level,