toJsonList method Null safety

List<Map<String, Object?>> toJsonList(
  1. List<DiagnosticsNode>? nodes,
  2. DiagnosticsNode? parent,
  3. DiagnosticsSerializationDelegate delegate

Serializes a List of DiagnosticsNodes to a JSON list according to the configuration provided by the DiagnosticsSerializationDelegate.

The provided nodes may be properties or children of the parent DiagnosticsNode.


static List<Map<String, Object?>> toJsonList(
  List<DiagnosticsNode>? nodes,
  DiagnosticsNode? parent,
  DiagnosticsSerializationDelegate delegate,
) {
  bool truncated = false;
  if (nodes == null)
    return const <Map<String, Object?>>[];
  final int originalNodeCount = nodes.length;
  nodes = delegate.truncateNodesList(nodes, parent);
  if (nodes.length != originalNodeCount) {
    truncated = true;
  final List<Map<String, Object?>> json =<Map<String, Object?>>((DiagnosticsNode node) {
    return node.toJsonMap(delegate.delegateForNode(node));
  if (truncated)
    json.last['truncated'] = true;
  return json;