DiagnosticsTreeStyle enum

Styles for displaying a node in a DiagnosticsNode tree.

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dense → const DiagnosticsTreeStyle

Slightly more compact version of the sparse style.

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const DiagnosticsTreeStyle(2)
offstage → const DiagnosticsTreeStyle

Connects a node to its parent with a dashed line.

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const DiagnosticsTreeStyle(1)
singleLine → const DiagnosticsTreeStyle

Render the tree on a single line without showing children.

const DiagnosticsTreeStyle(5)
sparse → const DiagnosticsTreeStyle

Sparse style for displaying trees.

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const DiagnosticsTreeStyle(0)
transition → const DiagnosticsTreeStyle

Style that enables transitioning from nodes of one style to children of another.

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const DiagnosticsTreeStyle(3)
values → const List<DiagnosticsTreeStyle>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<DiagnosticsTreeStyle>
whitespace → const DiagnosticsTreeStyle

Render the tree just using whitespace without connecting parents to children using lines.

See also:

const DiagnosticsTreeStyle(4)


index int

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toString() String
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