StackFrame constructor

const StackFrame(
  1. {required int number,
  2. required int column,
  3. required int line,
  4. required String packageScheme,
  5. required String package,
  6. required String packagePath,
  7. String className = '',
  8. required String method,
  9. bool isConstructor = false,
  10. required String source}

Creates a new StackFrame instance.

The className may be the empty string if there is no class (e.g. for a top level library method).


const StackFrame({
  required this.number,
  required this.column,
  required this.line,
  required this.packageScheme,
  required this.package,
  required this.packagePath,
  this.className = '',
  required this.method,
  this.isConstructor = false,
  required this.source,